What is a sweepstake?

The sweepstake allows you to give away one or more prizes to participants via the prizes you set up on your Fastory account. The winners are randomly selected at the end of your contest.

Here is how to create a sweepstake in a few simple steps :

1. Add-on activation request

  • From your workspace, go to the Add-ons page

  • Click on the search bar and type Sweepstake

  • Check that the add-on is activated

Information: If you do not have access to this add-on, please contact us by clicking on the Contact Us button and fill in the activation request form. You will then be contacted by our team.

2. Set up the rewards

  • From your workspace, go to Experiences and select Rewards

  • Click on the +Reward button

  • Add a reward (insert title, description, quantity, price, category and image) then click on Confirm

  • By clicking on Confirm, your reward will appear in the Rewards tab:

Information: you can add as many as you want. Just click again on + Reward.

2. Set up the contest

Once you have registered your rewards:

  • Go to the Contests tab

  • Click on + Promotion and then on Sweepstake

  • A window Set up your sweepstake appears, choose the title of the contest

  • Assign the rewards of your choice to the contest

3. Insert the sweepstake in the Bot

The Bot allows the user to register for the automatic sweepstake. The winners will be drawn among the users who entered their details in the bot.

In the Bot:

Add the Sweepstake question. You must request the email before the sweepstake question.

  • Don't forget to select your contest in the drop-down menu (it must be in Ready mode)

Putting it online

Once the configuration is complete, check that you have saved your changes.

  • First, click on Save

  • Then click on Publish

4. Designation of the winners

When you wish to select the winner(s) of your sweepstake, you will need to:

  • Go to Experience then Contests

  • Click on Draw winners

When you select the winners, the sweepstake closes.

You can then download the .CSV file with the winners' contact information.

Note: the sweepstake is made on all participants, the scores are not taken into account.

And here you are, you have all the keys to create your sweepstake! :)

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