You can create an Instant Win following a few simple steps.

Setting rewards

Under the tab "Promotions", select "REWARDS" and then click on "Add reward". An overlay will open so that you can name your Promotion and its reward.

Then, go in "CONTESTS" and click on "Add contest". After that, select "Sweepstake" to choose the quantity of rewards:

Inserting the Sweepstake into the Bot

The user will access the Sweepstake through the Bot.
In the Bot, add a question with the "Sweepstake" type. We recommend to add this type of question after asking for the user's mail.
Don't forget to select your contest in the drop down menu - it has to be noted as "Ready".


Once you went through all those steps, check you saved changes (there is a blue button "Save changes" at the bottom of the screen). Then, click on "Publish" to see how your Sweepstake will work.

Drawing winners

In the "Contests" part, click on "Draw winners":

You'll then be able to download a .CSV file containing the winners' names and address.
Note : the Sweepstake takes into account all the participants and doesn't take into account how much they scored on games.

Ready for you Sweepstake? :)

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