The Selfie Game on Fastory is a great way to take advantage of mobile users' behavior and trends. In a few short years, the selfie has grown to a niche term to an action known throughout the world. 

Before you start 

Make sure the “Selfie contest” add-on is enabled. You can check this in the marketplace. 

This add-on is not enabled on free accounts. Click on the “Contact us” button to get a quote or learn more about Fastory pricing plans.

Game process

The Selfie Game has three key steps: the intro, the game, and the outro. 

Intro - The game's welcome screen, where you can explain the objective of the game.
Game - The step in which users can submit their entry.
Gallery - The game's end screen, where participants can browse and vote for other entries.


There are several settings you can customize and choose to display or not in your Trivia Quiz:

  • Participate with photos
  • Participate with videos
  • Moderation
  • Allow to participate
  • Background color
  • Exit button

Sharing and Virality

You can facilitate the spread of your game online through the preloaded Share on Facebook, Twitter, and via email buttons. Similarly, participants can directly share their own entry to gain traction from their friends or coworkers and therefore bring more participants to your game.


Simply add a filter to your Selfie Game through the "+" button in the same way you add media to your Storified Microsites.


To ensure that entries in your Selfie Game respect the theme you set out as well as general rules, you'll have a chance to moderate the gallery and quickly delete entries that do not suit your brand.

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