Set-up Facebook Login: 

Why should you use our Facebook Login feature to collect data in your microsite? 

  • To simplify and improve the user experience. In one click you will be able to gather a user's first name, last name and email address, if provided. 
  • To speed up registration in order to optimize conversion. 
  • To collect real identity and foster higher quality conversations. 

How can I set-up Facebook Login in my microsite on Fastory?

It's really easy: in the component part select the ' Facebook Connect' feature. You will be able to add it anywhere in your microsite.  That's it, you did it !! 

How can I restrain the participation of a game to people that used Facebook Connect? 

Once you add the 'Facebook Connect' feature on your microsite, you must check that you installed it just before the 'Participate' button. 

Then in the settings of the 'Facebook Connect', you will find a checkbox 'Force brick authentication' make sure this option is well activated.

Also, make sure that your participate button will be only displayed if the participant is authenticated, this option is available in the button 'Participate' settings, make sure 'Show only if authenticated' is ON. 

Add Opt-in :

Where can I add Opt-in in my microsite ? 

You will be able to setup Opt-in in the 'Facebook Connect' settings. Once you add the 'Facebook Connect' to your microsite, in the settings part you will be able to personalized several Opt-in, for exemples: 

  • newsletters 
  • rules 
  • offers

Moreover, you can also choose to make it optional or mandatory. 

Can I collect Opt-in reply ? 

Once you will launched your microsite, you will be able to find every reply in your CSV, into the CRM tab. It's that simple! 

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