After adding a content page, it's time to fill it through with the various elements offered by Fastory. To do so, simply click on the blue "+" icon while hovering on the page to open the menu listing all your options. You'll find a breakdown of those options below.


  • Image
  • Video


  • Full Width
  • Full Screen
  • Natural
  • Carousel: a series of images scrollable from left to right.
  • Tilt to Pan: an image that allows directional and zoom control.
  • Parallax: an image that allows a change in perspective depending on a screen's position.


  • Text
  • Button
  • Facebook loginĀ 
  • Video
  • Share: buttons to instantly share content on Facebook, Twitter or via email.
  • Embed: an embed link (video for example) integrated in the page.
  • Website preloader: a URL preloaded in the page.

Reordering your content

If you want to change the order of your pages, simply "grab" a piece of content by the left side of the page and move it up or down in a drag-and-drop motion.

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