Games & Contests on Fastory

Fastory lets you craft innovative and interactive mobile experiences. Games are one of the tools we offer to help you reach your engagement goals

Which experience can include games?

Games can only be included in Microsites. To do so, simply click on the "New Brick" button and select which game you would like to add to your story. You can choose to include a game at any point of your story.

Available Games & Contests

You'll find the list of available games below. Click on a game to go to its associated article and learn more about it!

Games flow

Each game have a similar flow, divided in 3 step : 

  • Intro, where you describe the game, the prizes to win. The intro screen can be customized just like a content screen.
  • Game
  • Outro, (some games have a Win or Lose screen). It also can be customized just like a content screen.

Benefits of Microsite games

By including games in your Microsites, you're making this experience even more fun and interactive for your audience. Games are a unique and effective way to connect brands and their fans/consumers outside of the scope of traditional advertising and marketing. Give your fans an experience to remember !

Stay tuned as more games will soon be available on Fastory !

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