Fastory Themes

Themes determine the layout options of your story. Several public themes are already available in our gallery. You can use those themes as they are or customize them with your color scheme, goal, etc.

Customized Themes

Activate the "Theme editor" Add-on to fully customize your experience, tailor its look and feel through multiple colors, animations and much more!

Choose a default theme according to your marketing goals, and your activity.

To customize it, click on the gearwheel on the top right corner of the theme:

Change style

Rename the theme, and you'll find your theme in the tab "My Themes". You can edit fonts, text size, background colors, button radius, and much more!

You will be able to use your custom theme for every experience in the workspace!

Warning: you can duplicate themes within the workspace, but not from one workspace to another.

Theme components

Once you begin customizing a theme, you'll be able to set style rules for each component listed below:

  • Titles 1, 2, 3;
  • Paragraph 1, 2;
  • Quote;
  • Body;
  • Button.

If you need, you can also upload your own fonts on the platform.

If you want to customize further, you still have "Advanced settings" to change colors, shadows, borders, margins, animations and so on. 

You can add and create as many new style you need on your theme.

Need to change the style of a specific text section in your story? Simply select it pick a component and set its style rules!

We can create your theme! 

Our design team would be happy to create the perfect theme for you! Contact us to know more.

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