Microsites can contain hands-on items like buttons, forms, carrousel or games which are not suitable for Instagram and Snapchat Stories. Indeed, these channels do not allow these user interactions on Stories for now. 

This type of experience is particularly efficient if you want to offer an immersive experience to your visitors and going beyond the constraints of each social media channels. These stories are self-hosted, and accessible with a simple url you'd be able to share on every marketing channels.  

Microsite can be much more immersive since they offer more interaction opportunities : inline or full screen videos, pictures, casual mini-games, chat bot, dynamic content according to users profile, marketing content and much more.
Moreover, they take advantage of the Snapchat and Instagram like navigation and layout : 

  • Navigation is made with a simple tap on the screen to continue discovering the Story
  • A "Swipe down" allows visitor to deeply browse the content
  • Microsite always start with an animated cover which looks like Instagram and Snapchat Stories in order to be as attractive as possible. 

🏆 Choose the microsite format if you want to organize mini-games or contests (sweepstake or instant win).

Video Story

Instagram & Snapchat Stories created with Fastory are completely compatible with Instagram and Snapchat stories. 

They are especially efficient if you want to increase brand awareness and social engagement for example, since it allows you to easily create professional-looking Instagram and Snapchat stories without any design or motion skills. 

Fastory automatically generates files which responds to the channel constraints regarding resolution, type of files, interactions allowed, etc. so you won't have to worry anymore about these details. 

Once your Fastory story is ready, we’ll send you an email with files that you can simply download on your mobile and upload on the channel you choose, with your mobile since it’s the only way allowed for now.

🎬 Choose the Video Story format to create professional-looking Instagram and Snapchat stories.

Landing Page

Similarly to Microsites, Landing Pages can be made of hands-on items like buttons, forms.... Through this experience, Fastory lets you create and customize a landing page in a story format very easily. 

Landing Pages can begin with a fullscreen cover before the user navigates it through a vertical scroll. Remember: a landing page is made of a single screen. 

Landing Pages in a story format are more interactive, dynamic and responsive than traditional mobile landing pages. A few examples of when to use Storified Landing Pages are:

  • I have a new article on my website and I want to adapt it as a story for my social media accounts.
  • I'm promoting an event.
  • I'm announcing the release of a new product, feature etc.

🎫 Choose the Landing Page format to promote events, products, services and allow conversion to an external website. 

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