Microsites can contain items like buttons, forms, carrousel or games, that Video Stories can't contain. Indeed, Snapchat and Instagram don't allow this type of interaction for now.

While Video Stories offer an immersive experience beyond the limits of social media channels, Microsite can be much more immersive, as they offer more interactions, through inline or full screen videos, pictures, mini-games, Bot, dynamic content depending on the user's profile, marketing content and much more.

Furthermore, Microsites take advantage of stories' navigation and layout:

  • a simple tap on the screen enables to continue the experience;
  • a Swipe down enables browsing the content;
  • an animated cover arouses the users' attention.

🏆 Choose the microsite format for mini-games or contests.

Video Story

Our Video Stories are completely compatible with Instagram and Snapchat stories... and you can create them without any design or motion skill. 

They answer to Brand Awareness or Social Engagement goals. 

Fastory automatically generates files which are in phase with the channels' requirements regarding resolution, type of files, allowed interactions, etc. As technical requirements is not an issue anymore, it enables you to concentrate on creation.

Once your Video Story is ready, you'll also receive an email with files (one for each screen). Download these files and then upload them on Snapchat or Instagram. 

🎬 Choose the Video Story format to create professional-looking Instagram and Snapchat experiences.

Landing Page

Like Microsites, Landing Pages can contain items like buttons, forms, etc. You can easily create and customize a storified Landing Page. 

Compared to traditional mobile Landing Pages, storified Landing Pages are more dynamic, responsive and interactive, as the user accesses a fullscreen cover before navigating throug a vertical scroll. 

You could use storified Landing Pages in the following situations:

  • you want to adapt an article of your website as a story for social media;
  • you promote an event;
  • you want to communicate about the release of a new product or feature.

🎫 Choose the Landing Page format to promote events, products, services and allow conversion to an external website. Remember: a Landing Page is made of a single screen. 

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