Before You Start

First of all, the Theme customization Add-on has to be enabled. You can easily check it out from the marketplace on your workspace. 

This Add-on is not enabled on free accounts. You can then click on the "Contact us" button which is shown instead to get a quote or more information about Fastory pricing plans. 

How to customize a theme in my story?

Custom Theme add-on lets you fully express your brand's personality. You will be able to tailor the look and feel of your stories with access to multiple colors, animations and much more!

Once the add-on is enabled, you are able to edit a default theme. For that you can select either a storified microsite format, or Instagram & Snapchat story format.

Change Style

Once you've chosen your default theme, click on the gearwheel on the theme to start editing your theme. 

Rename the theme, and you'll find your theme in the tab "My Themes". You can edit fonts, text size, background colors, button radius and so much more !

Your custom theme will be available for every story created in your workspace!

Ask us to create your theme! 

Fastory's design team would be happy to create the perfect theme for you! Contact us to learn more.

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