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Those Add-ons are not enabled on free accounts. You can then click on the "Contact us" button which is shown instead to get a quote or more information about Fastory pricing plans. 

They are images features, available in the "Content" brick menu, when you want to add images, text, or cover :

What is a Tilt to Pan image? 

The Tilt to Pan image fits to the height of the viewer's screen. Viewers can then tilt their device to the left or right to explore and reveal the image that extend beyond the width of the screen, providing an outstanding immersive experience.
(Recommended aspect ratio: 4:3 or 16:9 )

What is a Parallax image: 

You can choose between 2 possible effects with the Parallax component: Window effect or Motion effect.

The Window effect

The Window effect images move at a different speed when you scroll and gives your images an illusion of depth.
(Recommended aspect ratio: 3:4 or 1:1 )

The Motion effect

The Motion effect gives your images an illusion of 3D. Easy to implement, it is particularly effective when paired with editorial content.
(Recommended aspect ratio: 4:3 or 16:9 )

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