The widget is only available in the pricing plans:

We strongly believe stories are the hottest opportunity for businesses & influencers to stay in touch with their audience every day while driving loyalty.

Thanks to our widget, you'll be able to showcase your Instagram stories in your website:

It has been developed in accordance with the new Instagram API, in other words you can deal with the granted consents safely and without breaking any rule.

Use the widget

  1. Login to Facebook to synchronize your Instagram Stories stream. You need to accept all Facebook permissions. 

2. Then, a green check box will confirm that Facebook is synchronized. Choose an Instagram account in the drop down menu:

3. Go in your Facebook settings > Instagram tab. Log in and fill your information to connect your Instagram account. 

A unique HTML code will be automatically generated for you to paste directly in your website.
Note for Wordpress: add the HTML code in the page's footer or head in order to install the widget.

The Instagram stories will be loaded every 15-20 minutes. 

Change the widget's location

By default, the widget displays at the bottom right of your page. However, you can change this location. 

To do so, add this line to the code:


You can edit the value (here '90') so it fits perfectly your page.

Make your stories stay permanently with the Memories feature

Regular Instagram Stories vanish after 24 hours. The Memories feature will allow you to clip your stories down on your widget so that they stay permanently. 

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