Before You Start

First of all, the Memory Add-on has to be enabled. You can easily check it out from the marketplace on your workspace.

This Add-on is available on free accounts. You can click to enable or disable it, directly on your workspace.

How to create a memory quiz in my story?

Once the Add-on is enabled, you are able to create a Memory Quiz. For that you must select Storified microsite format. Then, add a new brick in the timeline, and choose the memory game. The aim is to propose images and participant must find the pair.

Memory Game flow

There are three steps in the Memory quiz: intro, game and outro. 

Intro : this is the first brick, where you describe the game and the prizes to win.
Game : Memory quiz.
Outro : this is the final brick, where you can thank the users and drive them to the next brick. You can personalize the win and lose screen.  

Change Style and Settings

In the Cards section, you can add your own imagery (at least three different images).
(Recommended size: 128 x 128px)

In the Settings tab you can change:

  • The background image that will take up the entire screen
    (Recommended aspect ratio: 9:16)
  • The cards back images
    (Recommended size: 128 x 128px)
  • The difficulty level of the game 
  • The time limit
  • You also can add bonus or malus, and so on....

Your turn to play! 🤗

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