Before You Start

First of all, the Snapchat ads Integration Add-on has to be enabled. You can easily check it out from the marketplace on your workspace. 

This Add-on is not enabled on free accounts. Click on the "Contact us" button which is shown instead to get a quote or more information about Fastory pricing plans. 

Once the Add-on is enabled, you are able to find the stunning assets created with Fastory for your stories ads directly in your Snapchat Ads Creative Gallery. 

How to create stories ads with Fastory for Snapchat?

You need to create an "Instagram and Snapchat Story" with Fastory. The newly created story will perfectly fit the file specs recommended to create stories ads for Snapchat. 

How to get the files in Snapchat Ads tool? 

When you've finished editing your story, you can go the "Export"  tab to get your files. To send assets to Snapchat business tools, you just have to check the "Snapchat Business Manager" box and connect your account. 

Then, click on "Send Assets"

🛑 Warning! It looks like Adblockers hide the Snapchat Integration Button. Make sure adblockers are disabled to send your assets.  

While creating your ads on Snapchat Ads tool, you'll find your assets in the creative library. (Simply click on "Browse")

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