The Fastory CRM gives you the best of both worlds: immersive & engaging story-like mobile experiences and leads management. 

It allows you to easily take a look at your visitors and leads and find out what they do on your Fastory contents in a snap. You'll be able to see everything about your leads in one place.

Before You Start

First of all, the Relationship Manager Add-on has to be enabled. You can easily check it out from the marketplace on your workspace. 

This Add-on is not enabled on free accounts. Click on the "Contact us" button which is shown instead to get a quote or more information about Fastory pricing plans. 

Once the Add-on is enabled, you'll be able to see leads information in the CRM and download CSVs.

Why using the CRM?

There are several reasons for you to use this CRM:

  • to collect opt-in
  • to collect the participations to your contest and be able to randomly draw the winner
  • to collect data about the participants
  • to have an idea of the efficiency and engagement generated by your game, contest or content

What are the different options in the CRM?

In the CRM, you can download 3 different .csv files: 

  • Operator: in this file, you will find all the answers to your operator's questions. Select the sequence and download the .csv.
  • Opt-in: in this file, you will find all the answers to the question type "Opt-in" in your operator
  • Entries: in this file, you will find all the participations to your game : score, time spent, answers to the quiz ect... This is the file you should use to randomly draw the winners of your contest. Select your experience and download the .csv.

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