A workspace is like a folder where you can create and manage your stories in Fastory.
A default workspace is created when you sign up.

You can rename this workspace or create a new one to organize your work.
For example, you could create different workspaces in these cases:

  • For different customers when you're an agency 
  • For different brands or subsidiaries when your organization is divided this way
  • For different locations when your organization management is divided by region, state or country.

However, you should be aware that workspaces are completely independent from one another. 

Here are items that are defined across the workspace: 

  • Members and roles: people who have been invited on a workspace will be able to access all stories in this workspace, but not stories in other workspaces.
  • Statistics about stories: you'll be able to get an Insights Overview which will only include stories in this workspace.
  • Add-ons: Add-ons which have been activated on a workspace will be activated for all stories in this workspace, but not for stories in other workspaces.
  • Visitors: CRM and Qualification settings about visitors of your stories will be defined on a workspace level. 

You will be able to filter the experience you've created, and sort them by status (published, draft), Formats or Time.

You can duplicate a story from a workspace "A" to a workspace "B" if you want to get the same story on each workspace.

Be Careful, you cannot duplicate a theme from one workspace to another, so if you created a custom theme for your experience in workspace A, it might not be keep in workspace B.

Nonetheless, each story will have its own insights, settings, etc.

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