Create a website clicks campaign 

Website clicks campaign will be optimized by Twitter to help you get more traffic on your story. Then, name your campaign and set your campaign dates

Choose your audience profile and your targeting

Choose your audience profile by selecting the location, age, gender and platforms you’d like to include in your campaign targeting. Twitter will narrow down the targetable audience based on your inputs in this section. Please make sure your campaign will only target people on mobile devices, since stories are mobile first.

  • Choose your targeting: There are several ways to target your website clicks campaign:Keywords targeting: allows you to reach the users that have shown interest in a particular keyword, either by engaging with tweets that contain that keyword or searching for the keyword. Learn more about keyword targeting.Interests and followers targeting: allows you to target users interested in particular interest categories or accounts. Learn more about interest and follower targeting.Tailored audiences: allow you (or an authorized third party) to target your campaign to Twitter users based on past visitors to your website, email addresses and other data from your CRM database, or lists of Twitter IDs. Learn more about tailored audiences.
  • Choose where your promoted tweets will be viewed
  • Set your budgets and maximum bid
  • Create your adCreate your advertisement by either selecting an existing Tweet that you’ve created or creating a new Tweet. We also recommend using your story Website Card, a rich ad format, within your Tweet. Be sure to follow creative specifications when creating the card.
  • Save and launch your campaign
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