Before You Start

Once you've created your experience, you can publish it and share it on social media, including through Twitter. To make your content as impactful as possible, care your meta properties.

From the "Share" tab on Fastory, click on the "Share" section. From there, you can upload an image, write a title and a description in order to know exactly how your Microsite or Landing Page will look like:

To know more about Twitter and Facebook meta properties, read this article.

Creating your Twitter post

Once you've set the meta properties and your experience is published, sign in to your Twitter account. Then:

  1. paste your published Microsite or Landing Page link there to validate the Twitter card. If you want to make some changes, you can still edit meta properties from the "Share" tab in Fastory ;
  2. type your tweet and add the link of your experience in it. Twitter will automatically display the metadata on your tweet. Note about characters length: a URL counts 23 characters even if it's less than 23 characters long ;
  3. to stay down Twitter's character limit, our advice is to use some special characters or emoticons. This way, you might gain space and make your tweet stand out from the crowd;
  4. click the Tweet button to post the tweet to your profile.
  5. you will immediately see your tweet in the timeline on your homepage.

Pin your tweet

If you pin a tweet, your Microsite or Landing Page will be at the top of your profile page.
To pin a tweet:

  • open up your Twitter profile page;
  • click on the arrow at the right of your tweet;
  • select "Pin to your profile page".
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