Here is a lexicon which will help you understand the Fastory platform features and items. 

Fastory Experience: 

A Fastory Experience is a full mobile experience composed of a sequence of bricks.
You can add as much brick as you want in your story and arrange them with a simple drag and drop on the timeline. You can choose among three types of experiences: microsite, landing page and story. 

Visitors will simply have to tap on their mobile screen to navigate in your story. (just like they do on Instagram or Snapchat Stories)

Read "What the difference between Instagram & Snapchat Stories and a Storified Microsite" to learn more


Pages are items you can arrange to create a Story. Each type of page represents an experience type. It could be playable pages as Runner or Memory or content pages for example. 


Components are different types of content you can add on pages of your story.
A page should display a set of components like pictures, videos, text or carrousel to be as immersive as ever. 

See Components List to learn more

Animated Covers:

Animated covers are a specific component which is composed of an animated headline and a video/picture as a background. We offer a gallery with dozens of covers available and are planning to add covers regularly. 

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