Fastory Stories are not only ads, they're more like a marketing content format. They are self-hosted, so you can use them anywhere on the web with a simple link.

You can also use the Fastory native stories as Instagram Stories Ads or Snapchat Ads, but this is not the only available usage.  

The main difference is that our Stories can be much more immersive than Canvas since we’re going to offer more interaction opportunities : inline or full screen videos, pictures, casual mini-games, chat bot, dynamic content according to users profile, marketing content and much more.

We have no interest to limit our tool features and opportunities based on Facebook, Snapchat or any channel restrictions. Our aim is to make it simple for brands to craft immersive stories that play out across web, mobile apps and especially social media channels with an unique tool, which is designed for companies eco-system.

With Fastory, once you have created your story, you don’t have to repeat the setup, again and again, to communicate on numerous marketing channels.

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